Holy religious banners

The sacred religious banners are handicrafts of great value that can be personalized with three distinct techniques or combined together:
1) Embroidery Technique + Digital Printing Technique
The sacred religious banners made with the printing technique show images of landscapes, photographs of saints, historical frescoes, which allow to have an excellent quality in the resolution of the logo, while writings and details such as roses and contour floral decorations created with perfect embroidery.
2) Embroidery tecnology
Sacred banners are customized with embroidery machines, and hand-embroidered details handcrafted on requesrt, with gold or silver laminated yarns and resistant colored yarns, usually always gold, silver or opaque antique threads; the fabrics used are Bemberg silk or light satin, manufactured with interlining and lining, gold or silver fringes. In the embroidered solution, up to 18 colors of gold / silver / multicolor / glitter / polyester / cotton yarn can be used. It is also possible to apply up to an unlimited number of fabrics. The size is always on request 100% customized; usually 70 x 110 cm (easiest to move), 80 x 120 cm or 100 x 200 cm (hard to move) and others sizes on request. For each Holy Banner usually 1 pieces are produced, but also multiples.
3) Total digital printing technique
This is the cheapest technique.The fabric is 100% printed with the central image, the writings and the decorations.
We initially send a free draftto show the client the final result of the Banner on paper. Support poles and accessories for holy banners can be added at any time, even after the production.
In our warehouse are available bases, poles and crosspieces in metal and brass, knobs and tips for rods, banner transport bags, rod belts for standard bearers, cords with gold and silver bows, and much more, with free transport and fast delivery.
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