Banners with certified fabrics: a guarantee of quality

Banners and banners with certified quality fabrics they are a security for the customer. Arem produces gonfalons and banners with certified quality fabrics such as cotton, ecological cotton, velvet, satin, pure silk, Bemberg silk, canvas with historical colors, polyester. More and more often certified materials and also fireproof, resistant and ecological fabrics. Some have a wide range of colors, others such as silk types are produced in few colors due to the high production cost and value. A good certified fabric for banners already represents 50% of the product, it is important to choose and get advice on a fabric for the type of banner you want to produce. From 2020 Arem recommend the ideal fabric to create your banner. In case of order we will initially send you a piece of fabric accompanied by the certificate to touch it with your hand and feel its softness and quality. Look at this playlist some video tutorials for banners.