May 31, 1979 the “Ricamificio Enza” was born in San Giovanni in Persiceto, in the province of Bologna-Italy Production of embroideries, scallops and finishing based in via Marzabotto N.3 / B, whose owner Enza Braglia, with professionalism and competence, realized the dream of a dynamic company that could satisfy the demands of the textile and fashion sector in those times in rapid growth.

1979 – 1988

Initially the business did carried out “from the house” in an artisanal way, in a few years it goes from 1 to 5 automatic embroidery machines models “ZSK” and “Marco” brand, initially with 1 color and, since 1985, the embroidery machines up to 5 colors, employees increase from 1 to 6. 6.
Since 1986 to the owner Enza Braglia joined by her husband, Ceo Angelo Giovannini, who is dedicated to both production and administration bringing his skills and professionalism to the company.

Initially the plants for the embroidery machines were made with “jacquard” system at an external company and consisted of a perforated cardboard roll with codes.

Since 1987 , with the purchase of the software for embroidery systems “Gmi Stilista 2000” (the Top of the software of that period), we start producing the embroidery systems internally, with new system of thin perforated bands, more advanced than jacquard cardboard, and since 1990 with “hard disk”. The new designs become more and more requested by the customers who now they know well that Ricamificio Enza is able to satisfy all of them need.

The work expands into the fashion sector, knitwear factories, ready-to-wear fashion, garments, and production begins embroidery on knitwear, embroidery on pockets for fashion / kids, embroidery on cut fabric all in several colors with automatic thread change, and no longer manual, with ever increasing production batches.

1988 – 1991

Since November 1988 Ricamificio Enza moves to a new address, via Modena 48, in San Giovanni in Persiceto, a larger space by renting a 700 sqm where the embroidery production and the embroidery/punching office moves .

In 1989 , Monica Giovannini, daughter of the owners, taking care of the punching dpt. department. Development never stops, and within a few months of the move, another 2 embroidery machines were added innovative automatic 9 colors with automatic trimmer and large field formed, later in 1991, a Tajima 24 heads for mass production of embroidered patches.

1991 – 1998

1991 The birth of Arem Srl, a new company producing embroidery systems, in 1994 the first 2 machines for embroidery on caps for promotional market, thanks with the boom in requests of those years. A few years later (1997) Arem due Srl was established, commercial for the sale of customized caps.

It is in the early 90s that Arem reaches the staggering numbers of 10 embroidery machines, with a total of 110 heads among all machines, and the employees arrived at 20, with shift work from 6 in the morning to 21.00 in the evening

In 1994, the first-born of the owners Riccardo Giovannini joined the staff , highly trained in economics, with a strong aptitude for commercial activity and product promotion.

Riccardo creates what had been missing in the company up to that moment, an internal sales office, which proved successful in the following years. He also decided to participate in fairs to add new customers expecially from Italy, expanding sales from the most varied sectors such as promotional, sports, professional / work clothing. After growing turnover for 15 consecutive years, comes the first crisis: after the collapse of the former USSR and the opening of Eastern European markets with their offers of low-cost manufacture, production is halved and employees remain in 14; here then Riccardo finds himself at a crossroads: move production in Eastern Europe to Bijala in Bulgaria, as other companies and customers in the sector have already done, while remaining subcontractors and with cheaper labor, or promote Made in Italy and look for new customers by focusing on an assiduous presence in the fair with the aim of making Arem products attractive for use in sectors other than fashion that has now crossed the Italian border.

November 23-25, 1994 Riccardo and his father Angelo are in Bulgaria, to make the decision that would give the new imprinting to the company, and right there, when the choices seem obligatory, that they develop the conviction to continue promoting Made in Italy “at home”.

1999 – 2005

Thanks to a fast and constant recovery, we think about the construction of a new, more technological and functional warehouse. On 8 December 1998 the new headquarters were inaugurated in Via Newton 30, also in San Giovanni in Persiceto, in the new and better served industrial area. Since 2002, with the advent of the euro, the exploration of foreign markets begins, with the participation in January 2002 at the PSI in Dusseldorf, the largest fair in the world in the promotional sector. After a few years of trade fairs between Dusseldorf and Stuttgart, the relationship with customers from all over Europe is consolidated. Since 2004 it was decided to unify the 3 companies : Ricamificio Enza, Arem srl and Arem Due srl, became incorporating them into a single “Arem Due srl”, in the meantime the number of employees has also grown to 25.

At the end of January 2006 , the machinery is increased with the laser cutting system of the woven applications to be combined with the embroidery, with a bridge over 2 large embroidery machines. A technological innovation that has made it possible to significantly increase the quality of the embroideries and customizations and gain a considerable advantage over competitors.

2006 – 2008

The constant growth since 1996 suggests the owners to expand further, buying in March 2006 the shed adjacent to the one built in 1998, reaching a total area of the company of almost 3000 square meters. of which 2000 are covered, while the employees reach 36 units. This expansion has allowed the company to diversify the offer of products and services on the market, even producing municipal banners, religious banners and for associations, thanks to the purchase of a new embroidery machine with a large field for large embroidery and machines for producing and finishes embroidered pennants e printed. The growing continues with the purchase of a screen printing and digital printing machine and an automatic machine for folding and wrapping garments.

2009 – 2018

But here comes a second crisis caused by global markets that since September 2008 brings to a drop in turnover. It was decided to temporarily stop the expansion on the markets Europeans and participation in international fairs.

Since 2013 the recovery Arem Due Srl change in Arem Italia srl , new national and foreign trade fairs, new products and a greater offer of complementary services.

The Arem Italia brand is now a brand known and appreciated all over the world. The challenge of the Giovannini family is relaunched stronger than ever, more quality, service and professionalism and an increasingly competent and prepared team of collaborators.


Arem Italia celebrates 40 years of activities, always ready to offer professionalism and innovation, alongside customers, even the most demanding, and with the consolidated propensity to be open to new collaborations.

Our history is the guarantee of our future.