What cost do the municipal banners have? what does the price depend on?

Themunicipal banners have different costs that depend on various factors. In this Faq we are going to list them to give support and instructions to customers: 1) the size: the bigger the municipal banner, the more it costs.

2) the fabric: in silk or velvet they cost more. On cotton, satin or polyester, they cost less

3) the type of customization: printed costs less, embroidered costs more.

4) how do you provide the graphic file : if you send us the vector PDF file you will spend less because we don’t have to do the graphics from the beginning.

5) details and decorations: the more details and decorations you want to insert, the more it costs. For example, the more flowers and greek or flowers contours you want, the more they cost. Otherwise, if you order your normal municipal banner, with writing, crown, laurel emblem and simple-small Greek, you will spend less. Like this.

We hope this short guide with instructions and help has served you. Look at the full area of our municipal banners. Contact us for a free quote. See also all the support accessories on ours shop .