Accessories, rod belts and bags for banners

Among the other accessories for banners, on our online shop you will find a wide range that you can buy: bags, rod belts for standard bearers, cords with bows, italian tricolor ribbons for Municipal Gonfalons, Religious Banners, Military Associations and much more.

See the pricesand buy accessories for banners and gonfalons with free transport and delivery in 48/72H.

Rod kit in chromed metal
Rod kit in chromed metal
Brass rod kit
Rod kit in gold brass
Crosspieces in chromed brass
Chromed brass crosspieces for gonfalon rods
Decorative gonfalons cords with bows
Decorative cords with bows for gonfalons
Decorative cord
Decorative cord for gonfalons
Gold and silver bows
Gold and silver bows for gonfalon stringing
Base in gold steel
Base in gold steel for banner pole
Rod holder belt
Single-shoulder blue rod belt
Transport bag
Banner transport bag
Tricolor ribbon band
Adjustable tricolor mayor band
Tricolor ribbon for banners
Tricolor ribbon for banners
Tricolor canettè ribbon
Tricolor canettè ribbon